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Crazyfruit13 Owner posted Wed at 13:41
It has been decided that the server shall be ran on Spigot 1.8, due to this some server aspects may not be available at launch. 

Thank you for your understanding.

The Dragons Nest Overview

Crazyfruit13 Owner posted Mon at 21:29
Hello My Little Hatchlings! 

Today I would like to formally state what this server is all about.

The Dragons Nest, is a Minecraft server focused on bringing you a unique RPG feeling that we hope you will never get bored with. We have hopes for dungeons, towns, shops, quests, a rank system, auctions, a great economy, mini-games, a creative world, a survival world focused on allowing you to rank up, and make communities with anti-griefing rules and much more!..... But there lays a place outside of the Empire, where the courts magic cannot protect your belongings, where factions of blood thirsty and ruthless warriors await.  Be Warned. The Wilderness Is Unforgiving.

With a 24/7 uptime, a full time staff, DDOS protection, and a great Administration. The Dragons Nest  is a step forward in Roleplaying servers. We hope to see you aboard! 

The Dragons Nest, Coming Holidays 2015.
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